Hemorrhoid Symptoms

Hemorrhoid Symptoms – What To Look Out For

Very often the first signs of hemorrhoids is painless bleeding – you will normally see a very small amount of blood on toilet paper when you go to the toilet. Another frequent early sign is a lump or lumps around the anus. Very often these will be painful and in many cases itch. The itching is sometimes the worse. You can develop the “itch scratch itch” syndrome. You, feel you need to scratch them and for a few seconds it is total relief, only to return far worse a few seconds later. Should you develop any of the above, firstly visit your doctor to rule out any more serious problems.

5 Important Herbal Remedies For Hemorrhoids

My guess is that you have arrived here because you are suffering with hemorrhoids to one degree or another. There are many herbal remedies which help to prevent haemorrhoids as well as heal them. I'm going to tell you about five herbs which are completely natural and will help you avoid such things as hemorrhoid banding, injections or laser surgery

Red Root
The first one I am going to tell you about is Red Root
There are many varieties of this plant found in North America. It it has pink and white flowers. It is the root of the plant which is used to heal many health problems including hemorrhoids. The way it helps hemorrhoids is because of the fact that it is high in tannins which are anti-inflammatory and thus help to shrink painful hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are notorious for secreting a fluid which in turn increases itching; red root will reduce these secretions.

Wood Apple (Bael)
One of the most effective treatment for hemorrhoids is Wood Apple (the proper name is Bael). The way that it works is that it contains a substance called Rutin. Rutin makes blood vessels and capillaries more permeable which aids swelling when eliminating the bowels. Basically it helps keep the circulation healthy and heals damaged veins. It also contains Quercetin which helps retain intestinal mucus which also makes bowel elimination easier. I suppose you could really say that by keeping stools soft it is a light laxative

Horse Chestnut
One of the best-known natural hemorrhoid remedies is Horse Chestnut. What it does is to tone blood vessels, reduce swelling and improve blood circulation. It contains both saponins and tannins, both of which are anti-inflammatory. The other beauty of horse chestnut is that you can either apply it directly to the piles or it can be taken internally. A WORD OF WARNING: only ever consume Horse Chestnut which has had Esculin removed, as Esculin is a poison

Butcher's Broom
Another popular herb for controlling hemorrhoids is Butchers Broom. This herb also works by strengthening the walls of blood vessels and improving circulation throughout the body. One of its constituents is ruscogenin which is an excellent anti-inflammatory. You can get Butchers Broom either as a tea or in capsules

The final natural hemorrhoid remedy I would like to mention is Bilberry which is found in Europe. It has been used for many years in traditional herbal medicine to heal hemorrhoids or various types of bruises. The active ingredient in Bilberry is something called anthocyanoside. A very comprehensive study done in 1975 found that supplements containing Bilberry were very effective in reducing hemorrhoid swelling as well as being able to stop hemorrhoid pain. Bilberry is bought normally in capsule form from health food shops. You can eat the actual Bilberry fruit but they are hard to come by.

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