AT LAST - Let Me Show You How To Be Free Of Hemorrhoid Pain - For Good

Some brilliant advice from my then, new doctor wiped away 30 years of Hemorrhoid Treatment Misery and my Hemorrhoid Problem was GONE

Watch the short video and read my True Life Story below

STOP HEMORRHOID PAIN - How I Rid Myself Of Hemorrhoid Pain (After 30 Years Of Misery)

Hi There,

I'm Graham Hodgson. I'm 64 years of age and I live in the South West of England with my family​.

From the age of 18 until I was about 45 I suffered really badly with hemorrhoids, particularly external hemorrhoids (you know, the sort that stick out and can resemble a bunch of grapes.​)                            

The fact that you have arrived here tells me one of two things. You are either suffering with hemorrhoids (piles) or you think you may have hemorrhoids and are worried

There is also a good chance that, like me, you have tried various creams or suppositories only to find that they have not worked as well as you hoped and you want help 

"Hi there Graham, thank you for the book. I've had it about a month now and in that time I have noticed a vast difference in the discomfort from my hemorrhoids. I went straight to the bit about the way you cleared up your problems, but since things have eased I have read the rest of the chapters and found them very interesting. The one thing I would agree with you on is that it is far better to prevent hemorrhoids in the first place than to have to treat them. Keep well my friend" - Scott Lapointe - Denver. CO 80218

OK. Heres A Question - Are You Familiar With Any Of This..............

Dragging Hemorrhoid Pain

The terrible pain hemorrhoids will cause if you let them get control. I will show you how to prevent this

The Dreaded Hemorrhoid Suppositories

I HATED THESE - They felt really uncomfortable (not painful) going in but the biggest problem was the mess they make

Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids that bleed, mess your clothes up and are generally uncomfortable

Hemorrhoid Surgery

*Expensive                                       *Not Guaranteed to work             *Painful (Before and After)       *Recovery Time can be long

I hated going to the doctor. HOWEVER - one day I was in so much pain that my wife insisted that I went to see him.

I will be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL TO MY WIFE for making me go​ that day (and to my new doctor for his knowledge) -  WITHIN 10 DAYS OF THAT VISIT I WAS FREE OF HEMORRHOID PAIN and now if you will allow me to I would like to help you                                                                                     

After a few months I decided I wanted to share what I had learnt with other hemorrhoid sufferers to hopefully save them the years of agony I went through

Rather than just writing a short article about the natural hemorrhoid treatment I had used to clear up my own hemorrhoid problem for good I decided I would research everything I could about hemorrhoids because what I had suffered would not be the same as for example hemorrhoids when pregnant (at least I don't think I will ever get that problem).

I spent 6 months finding out everything I could about hemorrhoids. I went to hemorrhoid forums to find the particular hemorrhoid problems people were suffering with. Then I read everything I could as well as speaking to other sufferers and doctors (one in particular lectures at medical schools worldwide). There are too many to list but I would like to thank them all, for their input of knowledge as without it my task would probably have been an impossible one. The result was a comprehensive hemorrhoid guide that I am proud of and I know will help you


Here Is Just Some Of What You Will Learn

Hemorrhoid Symptoms And Causes

  • The most important hemorrhoid symptoms to watch out for
  • External and Internal Hemorrhoids
  • Bleeding and Thrombosed Hemorrhoids
  • Anal Itch -Anal Fissures-Hemorrhoids In Pregnancy and much more........

Hemorrhoids - Why Me?

  • You may be wondering WHY ME - What have I done to cause me to have piles
  • Forget The Old Wives Tales (Most Are Wrong) - When you understand the real causes you will get rid of the problem easier as well as stopping them re -ocurring

Are They Hemorrhoids Or Something Else

Firstly STOP WORRYING - Whilst other more serious problems can imitate hemorrhoid symptoms, in most cases where you think you may have hemorrhoids, you will have

DON'T WORRY as I will tell you EXACTLY what to look for and how you need to deal with it. Worry is a killer and in most instances will be completely unnecessary. Once you are sure that the pain is caused by hemorrhoids,then use what I tell you to get rid of the pain, naturally and FOR GOOD

As well as showing you the exact method I used to rid myself of hemorrhoid pain, I want to explain about other methods of hemorrhoid treatment
(Some I tried and some I didn't)

Various Hemorrhoid Treatments

  • Hemorrhoid Ointments And Creams - They help a little to start with but are often soon ineffective and messy and made you uncomfortable. Stop spending a fortune on hemorrhoid creams. (I tried most of the over the counter ones as well as doctor prescribed ones)
  • The Dreaded Suppositories - I hated these the most. I will admit they will help a bit as an internal hemorrhoid treatmentt but are the messiest to use
  • Hemorrhoid Injections - reasonably successful, I believe (but I chickened out of this as they can be quite painful
  • Hemorrhoid Surgery - You may be considering hemorrhoid surgery. I certainly did as I was desperate  and to be honest would have tried anything. I was almost ready to go for it but right at the last minute I watched a video which made me change my mind.  

I also realised that..........

  • It can be pretty painful after surgery
  • The recovery period is reasonably long
  • It is not always guaranteed to work
  • It can be expensive

PS - Just in case you want to watch the video it is at
(If you are a bit squeamish, I would bypass it though)

  • Hemorrhoid Rubber Band Ligation - Basically a tight elastic band is tied around the hemorrhoid until it drops off. the main problem with this seems to be bad abdominal and localised pain following the procedure and nausea. Men often suffer bad pain in the scrotal area. ( I think however the medical feeling is "No Pain - No Gain)
  • Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery - whilst this type of treatment appears to be quite successful the biggest drawback is the cost. The reason that it is expensive is because the equipment required to do it is very costly

Also Included is what I feel is the Most Important Part Of My Book

I WANT TO SHOW YOU How After 30 Years Of Misery - I Rid Myself Of Hemorrhoid Pain In 10 Days and so can you

  • It Only Takes A Few Days To Start Working
  • No More Messy Clothes From Expensive Hemorrhoid Creams
  • Heal Hemorrhoid Bleeding Quickly
  • This Hemorrhoid Treatment WORKS!!

"It was the first time I had suffered with hemorrhoids so I was basically trying everything to get rid of them. I found your book by mistake and boy was I glad I did. I noticed a vast difference in 4 days. Thank you" - Ronald Stott. Roselle IL

Hemorrhoid Care For The Future

It is IMPORTANT that once you clear up your hemorrhoids with what I show you, that you stay Hemorrhoid Free For Good and NEVER have to suffer the pain of hemorrhoids again

PS - I will also show you how to stop them taking hold in future - BEFORE THEY START​

The Hemorrhoid Diet

I will give you the best information I can (based on my own experience and research) of the best foods to eat to keep you hemorrhoid free as well as ones to help clear them up once they start PLUS what may be more important THE FOODS TO AVOID like a gorilla on heat. (Some of these may surprise you)

PS - I will also show you how to stop them taking hold in future - BEFORE THEY START​

Enjoying A Hemorrhoid Free Life Again

"A Word Of Warning"

Please DONT use my method to clear your piles and then forget it. The idea is to firstly use what I tell you to heal the hemorrhoids and I know that you will be pleased with the results

HOWEVER - you will have a comprehensive guide to answer all your questions regarding how to have  no more hemorrhoid problems in the future and a pain free life - READ IT ALL

So Here Are The Choices As I See It


Continue spending a fortune on creams and suppositories indefinitely or........

Undergo surgery, ligation, injections, laser surgery or similar which will cost you hundreds of dollars. Often painful and does not always provide the results hoped for.



Its a NO BRAINER really isn't it


I know that you will be delighted with my book and the results you will very quickly get using the method I will show you, to clear up your hemorrhoid pain in around 10 days and so I am happy to offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you feel that my book has not benefitted you in any way, just let me know and I will refund you in full

"Hi Graham. pregnancy is a major task without the complication of hemorrhoids. I couldn't believe they could be so painful. I tried over the counter remedies and one the doctor gave me, they didn't really work so I was at my wits end. Believe it or not I found the link to your book in a hemorrhoid forum. It took me a bit more than 10 days but worked eventually. Needless to say Thank You so much. (Keeping the book for the next pregnancy (not told the husband yet ha ha)"- Stephanie Sandoval - Sidney.TX


"I thought my physician was joking when he said I had two external hemorrhoids as I thought only old people got them and I'm only 34. I was amazed how long you had suffered before you found a solution, and from a younger age than me. Anyway, the pain has gone,ointments and suppositories binned and I'm back to normal. Dont want that again so will definitely be following your aftercare suggestions" - Robert M.Matoon - San Marcos CA

Don't Suffer Any Longer!

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